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Charges $150.00 for display an banner for 15 seconds
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"¬°Espectacular! Nos permite hacer publicidad de nuestro negocio en diferentes programas live sin tener que estar contactando a cada uno."

Rene Villar

CEO at Textony.com

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Each show sets their price per ad. Enter to the show you prefer, select when you want to advertise and check the total amount to pay.

Ads are shown for approximately 15 seconds

If the ad does not comply with the show's policies, it is rejected and you will receive a full refund of the payment.

If the ad cannot be displayed on the scheduled day, it is rescheduled for another available day and you receive an email notification with the option to cancel if you do not agree with the new date.

Yes. You can create an ad and choose all the available dates you want.


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